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The Montessori environment is carefully prepared for children, with learning tools that will stimulate all facets of their interest. Children are encouraged to explore activities that engage them most, and to experience the deep inner satisfaction of having achieved what they set out to do.

Every child passes through successive stages of limited duration in which the sensitivity for acquiring certain knowledge and skills is at a peak. The abilities mastered in a sensitive period become the foundation upon which new skills will be based. In the Montessori classroom a child learns, for example, to manipulate small inset puzzle pieces at 2 ½, thereby strengthening the hand muscles needed for writing at 3 ½ or 4 years of age.

Each child is given guidance according to his or her needs and personal capability, allowing for individually paced development in a non-competitive atmosphere. The grouping of ages 2 ½ to 6 in one classroom permits cooperative interaction, role modeling, and mutual assistance among the younger and the older children. By nurturing the child's own capacities for concentration, perseverance and thoroughness, the Montessori approach fosters feelings of security, self-esteem, competence and pleasure in accomplishment. The aim for the child is to establish foundations for a lifetime of creative and joyful learning.


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