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Casa (pre-school)

In Montessori schools, each learning experience for the child involves many areas of knowledge, for children tend to integrate their learning rather than separate it into "subjects". Language studies, vitally important because the comprehension of all other areas depends on linguistic skills, build on the Montessori preschoolers' understanding of phonics and grammar, and leads naturally to reading, creative writing, and drama. Mathematics combines arithmetic, algebra, and geometry into a system where each complements the other. In the cultural area, as children are involved in understanding the story of the whole universe, they can engage in research and special studies in biology, geology, geography and history. Second language acquisition is most easily absorbed by younger children. Allegro Montessori provides twice weekly Core French from 5 years upward.
Recreational activities emphasize physical exercise indoors and outdoors, team game skills, and attitudes of cooperation and mutual acceptance.
Maria Montessori believed that human development is incomplete without the explicit influences of the spiritual. Allegro therefore offers a multi-cultural studies program respecting the beliefs of all children and their families.
Allegro Montessori considers the arts essential for a truly creative, disciplined and enriched human life. The children discover the music within themselves by song and movement. They are encouraged to express themselves with a wide variety of instruments, artistic materials and dramatic presentations.