Who We Are

  • Allegro Montessori School houses a Pre-school program (approximately 2.5 – 6 years), a Toddler program (18 months – 3 years) and an Elementary program (Grades 1 – 6).
  • The school is a not-for-profit organization run by a Board of Directors, composed of past parents, community members and members of staff.
  • We are also registered as a charitable organization.
  • Allegro Montessori School is registered as an Independent school with the Saskatchewan Department of Education, and as such meets the educational requirements of both the Saskatchewan and the Montessori curriculum.
  • The Directors have Montessori diplomas as well as Bachelor degrees in Education if teaching at the elementary level. Some of the teacher assistants have Education degrees, others have Early Childhood Certification and several are Montessori trained.   All are trained by their classroom Directors and at various in-service classes.
  • The school is a corresponding school of the American Montessori Society, is associated with the St. Nicholas centre of London , England and has associate membership status in the Canadian Counsel of Montessori Administrators. Other affiliated associations include: N.A.M.T.A. (North American Montessori Teacher’s Association), P.I.R.S. (Pre-School Information Registry – Saskatoon), C.M.T.E/N.Y. (Center for Montessori Teacher)

Allegro regulations and fees

Why choose Allegro?

  • We are building on a foundation of a thirty year history and over fifty years combined teaching experience among our staff.
  • Our goal above all else is to follow the Montessori Pedagogy.
    • This means that we are dedicated to: preserving the three hour work cycle each day; promoting peace education; the availability and manipulation of Montessori materials; the education of the whole child, their body, mind and spirit.
  • Our Directors/teachers are all fully trained Montessori Educators.
    • Our Elementary Directors have their Montessori training, a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Montessori Education.
  • As a Registered Qualified Independent School we have already proven that the Montessori curriculum both meets and exceeds the expectations of the Saskatchewan Curriculum.
  • While providing a Montessori education we also compliment their learning with French, Music, Drama and Physical Education.
  • We are housed in a school and therefore have access to gyms, playgrounds and meeting facilities.
  • We see each child as an individual with unique skills and learning styles.