Withdrawals & Tuition Balances:

Tuition and fees will not be adjusted for illness, voluntary absences, school vacation, professional development days, or other unforeseen circumstances. 

There is a potential for certain relief of the annual tuition in the case of student withdrawal.  To withdraw, written notice must be given a minimum of one month (thirty days) before withdrawal.  Such written notice must be addressed to the school office and to the attention of the Head of School of Allegro Montessori School Inc.

The date of the written notice of withdrawal will determine the percentage of the annual tuition that is due and to be retained.  The following schedule outlines those amounts to be retained:

Registration notes
Date of Written Notice for Withdrawal is Received
 January to February
 Application & Deposit of Fees
 After Registration & Prior to May 1100%0%
 May 1 – Deposit of 1st Tuition Installment May 1 – July 31100%10%
  August 1 – 31100%20%
 September – School Year Begins September 1 – 30100%30%
  October 1 – 31100%40%
  November 1 – 30100%50%
  December 1 – 31100%60%
  January 1 – 31100%70%
  February 1 – 29100%80%
  March 1 – 31100%90%
  April 1 – June 30100%100%