General Policies and Procedures


  • Remind is the communication tool used by the office and Head of School to communicate messages to all our families. This includes reminders for important notices such as school closure due to weather or building issues.
  • Please check that you have signed up for Remind. It takes about 45 seconds and instructions are available through the front office.

School Closure

  • If it is necessary to close the school due to temperature, weather conditions, or building issues, a Remind notice will be sent out to all parents.
  • When in doubt a message will be placed on our answering service as soon as we have the information.

Fire, Lock Down Drills and Tornado Procedure

  • Fire and lock down drills are practiced regularly with all students at times pre-arranged by our landlords (Roland Michener) and Saskatoon Police Services.
  • During lock down drills parents will not have access to the school or children until the authorities permit.
  • If the school becomes unsafe to reenter all staff and students will proceed to St. Augustine School (602 Boychuck Drive) and parents will be notified by Remind once we arrive and all students are safely accounted for.
  • If you would like further information on Lock Down or Fire drill practices please talk with a staff member.

Bathroom Policy

In the interests of the children’s safety and to promote the modeling of proper bathroom etiquette and general hygiene, all half days and some double sessions are accompanied to the bathroom by staff. In case of an urgent need an older responsible child may accompany them.

Dress Code

  • We do not allow rude or insulting wording on shirts.
  • We ask that if your child is wearing a dress that they wear shorts or tights underneath it. We are very active in our school environment, at recess and we sit cross legged (tailor sitting) often.