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Arts and Activity



    The classroom Director aids the children to develop skills in order that they may creatively express themselves through various media.  Art is both expression for its own sake and also an integrating factor for the rest of the curriculum. For instance, the child may choose to make geometrical drawings, geographical maps, or illustrations for history, botany, literature, and so on.  The media explored in the Elementary environment includes painting, sculpture, print making, carving, weaving and other textile areas.

    Over a period of time, there is a study of the historical development of artistic expression and schools of artistic thought. As the child matures, art is seen in relation to the socio-cultural context to architecture, literature, religion, politics, music, inventions and exploration.


    Music education encompasses movement, dance and listening to different genres of music.  Musical games are presented to encourage the child to enjoy music to the fullest, whilst learning basic music theory.  The use of Solfege (Do, Re, Mi) is used to help establish the understanding of the Western scale system, in discovering the distances between pitches, as well as in helping to read music.  Singing and participating in songs is also very beneficial to help the child find their singing voice.  As the children approach the Elementary levels, more in depth theory is introduced. As in the entire Montessori approach, the actual experience is followed by the naming process: making music is followed by theory studies, ear training and dictation.  In the same way as Montessori Casa language activities result in "total reading" for the Elementary child, earlier musical foundations enable children to enter into the realms of critical listening, music-reading and composition during the Elementary years.

    The children and members of the community are invited to share their various musical talents with the class throughout the year. 

Physical Education

    Recreational activity includes outdoor physical exercises in all seasons.  The children engage in building team games skills such as ball-handling, running, catching and so on.  There is an emphasis on developing attitudes of cooperation and mutual acceptance, along with the challenge to compete with one's self rather than competing with others.  The school gym is available to the Elementary class on a regular basis.