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Language studies are vitally important because the comprehension of all other areas depends on linguistic skills.  Yet language is integrated into the entire Montessori curriculum, and its treatment as a separate subject comes primarily when the child needs a particular clarification on special points.  These points focus on spelling, grammar, word study, punctuation, capitalization and penmanship.  The main experience in reading and writing comes through the child's work in other areas of the curriculum, such as geography, history, botany, culture, and so on.
    Because children have different cognitive styles, they are given different resources for learning to read.  Once reading is mastered, the child is directed toward quality literature and poetry and into self-expression through creative writing.

    A qualified Director offers regular French language instruction to all Elementary students.  The emphasis is on the development of aural skills through conversation, songs and games. The French curriculum is based on the AIM method and curriculum.  AIM (Accelerated Integrated Method) is an action based approach that provides a well rounded experience for different learning types.
  "In this program, approximately 95% of the gesturing is done by the teacher...  Students are asked to "talk" while the teacher is "gesturing" to ensure a high level of focus and participation..."

Each level has a particular play/story on which the vocabulary is based and provides the child with a concrete idea to base the meaning of each new word.  Group and individual work is also a part of the curriculum.  French songs pertaining to the story or play and dances are introduced in each level to peak the child's interest in the love of acquiring a new language! Building on their Casa foundation, the Elementary students are introduced to more reading and writing as they become more familiar with the vocabulary.