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In the Montessori classroom, young children learn the phonetic sounds of the alphabet letters before they learn the alphabet names in a sequence. The phonetic sounds are presented first because these are the sounds children hear in words that they will shortly begin to read. As soon as a child exhibits interest in some area of language, the classroom Director introduces specific language material to the child. Writing and/or constructing words with moveable letters nearly always precedes reading in a Montessori environment.
Gradually, children learn the irregular words and words with more than one syllable. When they are ready to read, their skill in phonics allows them to approach new words and not just a specific few which they might have been trained to recognize by sight. A child's interest in reading is cultivated as a most important key to future learning.
The children are introduced to grammar with enjoyable games which show them the difference between nouns, verbs and adjectives. This experience becomes the foundation of language analysis in the Elementary years