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Practical Life / Sensorial

Practical Life

Children in thier early years are attracted to tasks which an adult considers ordinary; for example cleaning furniture, polishing shoes and paring vegetables.  By engaging in these activities young children follow one of their strongest inner urges to imitate adults.  In the practical life area of our classrooms children develop and perfect their coordination.  They gradually lengthen their concentration span.  They learn to pay attention to detail as they follow a sequence of actions. The children acquire good working habits as they complete each task and put everything away before starting another activity.


By the use of special sensorial materials – things to be touched, shaken, heard, smelled and visually examined – children learn to distinguish and categorize, and to integrate new information into what they already know.  The child's acquisition of conscious knowledge thus takes place when the intelligence focuses in a concentrated way on impressions given by the senses.