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Research / Technology

Research, Circles and Field Trips
    Research is an integral part of the Elementary Program as it involves many areas of the curriculum and is selected from the children's own interests.  Compiling research and setting goals for a public presentation at open circle time is a real life skill. Students are given the opportunity to present their work to their peers daily. Circle times also involve parents in the children's education as they enthuse, congratulate and question these multifaceted displays of work.
    Just as the Casa classroom provides a prepared environment for young children when they are ready to leave the security of home, so the Elementary child, now ready to leave the classroom, is taken out to experience the world about them.  Field trips include visits relative to current studies in the classroom such as museums, art galleries, and zoos, places of worship, retail outlets and farms. Students are given the opportunity to help plan for and organize these trips.
Computer Work
    Computer work, beginning with keyboard skills, is initiated when children enter the Elementary Program.  The computers are used for learning keyboard fingering skills and word processing. They are also used as research tools, and to provide a variety in the practice of basic math and language skills.