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The Arts


            In the Casa environment, projects in art foster the joy which the young child finds in creating something.  The children have the freedom to explore a variety of media and to express their imagination.  The process, and not the end product, is the important element.


            According to Maria Montessori, the child absorbs the musical sounds of the environment with the same ease as a native spoken language. Music education encompasses movement, dance and listening to different genres of music.  Musical games are presented to encourage the child to enjoy music to the fullest, whilst learning basic music theory. Percussion instruments are used to help internalize rhythm. The use of Solfege (Do, Re, Mi) is used to help establish the understanding of the Western scale system, in discovering the distances between pitches, as well as in helping to read music. Singing and participating in songs is also very beneficial in helping the children find their singing voices. The aim of the music session at this early level is to help children find delight in making music and to develop basic music skills.


            Children between 4 and 6 years are at a sensitive age for learning languages.  Vocal chords are still sensitive and adaptable to new sounds at this age.  The full day students have three French lessons per week and are encouraged to practice new words and phrases whenever possible.  The primary aim in the presentation of a foreign language in a Montessori school must not be the teaching of that language but to stimulate such interest and love for it that the child will want to learn it. The French program is based on the AIM method and curriculum. AIM (Accelerated Integrated Method) is an action based approach that provides well rounded experience for different learning types.

             “In this program, approximately 95% of the gesturing is done by the teacher......Students are asked to “talk” while the teacher is “gesturing” to ensure a high level of focus and participation.”

            Each level has a particular play/story on which the vocabulary is based, and provides the child with a concrete idea to base the meaning of each new word. Group work and individual work is a part of the curriculum. French songs pertaining to the story/play and dances are also introduced in each level to peak the children’s interest in the love of acquiring a new language