Mona Eremondi

Casa 2 Director

Mona-J. Eremondi (she, her, hers) is our casa two director/teacher, assisted by Venus Dirin.  She worked at Allegro Montessori School for the first time in 1990.  This time Mona has been working with us since 1999.  Mona brings her curiosity and thirst for knowledge to school with her every day.  It rubs off on both children and staff.

Interesting facts about Mona:

  • Received a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan
  • Has her Montessori Casa teachers diploma from North American Montessori Training Centre, under the mentorship of Margaret Hurst (casa director, head of school)
  • She was born in Watrous, Saskatchewan
  • She has worked in child care, elder care, museums education, Montessori education and even as an usher, cashier, and assistant manager at a movie theatre
  • She has never worked in the Public School system
  • It taker her a long time to learn names and often they escape her when she needs them the most
  • Her favourite influences were Maria Montessori and Fred “Mr.” Rogers
  • She loves spending time with her family (especially the grandchildren), gardening and singing in a choir
  • Favourite colour – green
  • Favourite movies – The Sound of Music / Moonstruck
  • Least favourite food – cilantro