Tina Bertoncini

Casa 1 Director

Tina L. Bertoncini (she, her, hers) is our casa one director, working with Marsha Matheson.  Tina started with Allegro Montessori School in 2011.    She brings with her an innate understanding of the whole child, and a passion for teaching and learning Self Regulation skills.

Interesting Facts about Tina:

  • Bachelor of Education Degree, with great distinction, from the University of Saskatchewan, specializing in Indigenous studies and drama
  • Two years into a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Contemporary Dance and Choreography from Concordia University in Montreal
  • She is currently completing a post-degree certificate in Special Education
  • She has over ten years experience working in a Montessori environment
  • She was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • She is intrigued by the learning processes of all ages, finds it essential to spend time outdoors, and is conscious of deepening her knowledge of the Montessori method of education
  • Favourite colours are – greens and blues
  • Favourite pieces of music – Cello Suites by J.S. Bach and the works of Jane Siberry
  • Lest favourite food – parsnips